“The most rock ‘n’ roll thing I’ve ever heard, someone being stung by a stingray and… doesn’t stop the tour”
Those rumbling drums, that sneaky little slide guitar line... the way it all comes together to become a lush, powerful piece of music that’s so easy to get caught up in.
— Double J Radio

pic by Megan Kemshead

Saturday on the main stage came hard, giving us three truly standout performances. The first of those came courtesy of Melbourne power-duo THIS WAY NORTH. The guitar-drum duo was instantly captivating, turning my skeptical-ass into a fan within minutes of stumbling across their mainstage performance. I was caught completely off guard by their powerful, dancey hooks and their impossibly cool aesthetic.
— Rag Music (Atmosphere Gathering, Canada)
Fantastic rocking debut ep from This Way North. It’s just a taste that leaves you hungry for more, so I can’t wait for their new stuff!
— Crispi PBS FM
These women are what makes music great. Energy, passion, beautifully crafted songs, kick-arse drummer, and a powerful frontwoman who combine to make sure you can’t stand still.
— Higgo Triple M Radio


It’s easy to forget that This Way North is a two-piece band.
Drummer/vocalist Cat Leahy and guitarist/vocalist Leisha
Jungalwalla create a uniquely full, expansive sound that
translates effortlessly from the studio to the stage.

2017 was a huge year for the duo. With over 120 live
shows across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, This
Way North wove their magic for audiences from the Yukon,
just 200kms south of the Arctic Circle, to the Northern
Territory’s sweeping central desert and the geysers of

Lead single 'Nothing to Say' sets the tone for this new EP,
with it’s driving cross-rhythms and harmony-rich vocals.
Ethereal yet upbeat, the song captures the essence of
wanting to just be still and unwind, of waking up in
the morning and getting out of your head.

'Head Above Water' takes a different turn, featuring mid-noughties-style guitar riffs, sun-drenched lyrics and a rolling drone that begs to carry you downstream with it. In contrast, 'Make It Work' will have you up and dancing to funk-infused beats and the kind of sing-a-long refrain that’s been known to fill arenas.

With 'Pressure' This Way North call up some feel good dirty
pop vibes, complete with muted guitar stabs and a sweet
soaking of reverb.



Vol 2. perfectly encapsulates what This Way North is all about: great music, great company and seriously fun times.

Currently of no fixed address, country girls Cat and Leisha
are enjoying life on the road, but one thing is evident their
sound: their home is on the stage. Whether in a local dive
bar or at a national festival, This Way North plays with more
passion and energy than a 10-piece band, drumming up a
contagious euphoria. Big, rhythmic, spacious and saturated
with summer, EP Vol. 2 invites you to turn up the volume and let loose.

The release of EP Vol. 2 will be followed by a national
Australian tour. This Way North will spend March playing all
over Western Australia before dropping by South
Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland
between April and May. They will then hop across the pond for a New Zealand tour and a further jump over the ocean to return to where it all began, Canada.